Shellfish Ginza Kazan


1F Seiryu Ginza Bldg, 3-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

You won't be disappointed by this trendy shellfish and fish restaurant in Ginza. Extremely popular, so be prepared to book ahead or queue up for 45 minutes. Reasonably priced (for Ginza). All food is super-fresh and of the highest quality.
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Opening time
Open Mon-Sat 11:30am-3pm (LO 2:30pm) 5:30pm-11pm (LO 10pm), Sun&hols 11:30am-3pm (LO 2:30pm) 5:30pm-10pm (LO 9pm)
Average price
Lunch 3,000
Dinner 5,000

Non-smoking seats availableEnglish speaking staff not availableEnglish menu availablePets not allowed

Editorial Review

Shellfish Ginza Kazan

Published on January 2nd, 2004

Jazz filled the air on this quiet Monday night after the New Year holidays, and only a few tables were taken by couples and tourists. We settled in at a table and embarked on our own deep-sea quest with an ocean-green North Polar (¥900), an intoxicating cocktail of mint liqueur, cacao, soda and cream.

For appetizers, our enthusiastic waiter recommended the popular New Caledonian angel prawn carpaccio (¥1,250) and Tasmanian "Cat's Eye" oysters (¥1,400 for four pieces). The freshness and natural sweetness of the fine materials spoke for themselves. Lobster pâté served with garlic toast (¥1,000) was also a delight. The silky p‰té made of lobster roe and liver accented the thick pieces of buttery toast, while the fresh greens balanced out the richness. 

For the entrée, we chose a mille-feuille of fresh Hokkaido sea urchin and grilled scallops (¥1,650). The nori on top of the layers of grilled scallops and sea urchins on a puff pastry with cream sauce and leeks added a Japonesque taste to this French-style savory.

The lobsters scurrying away in fear as we feasted on their tank-mates could run but they could not hide: Kazan's signature dish is whole, fresh seared and stir-fried lobster (¥4,300~), a feast that serves two to three people, although a half order (¥2,500~) for one is also available. Among the three choices of seasoning, the ginger sauce and black bean paste take your palate to a sea-dragon palace of China, while the spice seasoning tempts your taste buds with more than ten kinds of mixed spices.

After a tsunami of a meal, our wish for a mild and low-calorie treat was granted in the soy milk bavarois (¥650), a sweetened tofu served with white sesame sauce. Although the dessert menu here is not long, everything appeared light and healthy. For fruit-lovers, ripened tomato compote (¥650) or blanc-manger fruit cocktail (¥650) also sounded promising. 

For value-hunters, courses (lunch ¥1,800~, dinner ¥5,000~) are available upon reservation. Women can even indulge in an impressive Lady's Special Course (¥4,200) on Monday nights. The only warning to those wishing to explore this fresh from-the-sea fare: be sure to come prepared with a full wallet.